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Your Rules.


You control where your passwords and seed phrases
are secured via the Cyqur browser extension.

You control where your passwords
and seed phrases are secured via
the Cyqur browser extension.

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Cyqur’s Key

Cyqur encrypts, fragments and distributes your data wherever you want for your unprecedented security. Although, it’s always you who owns and controls your data.
You input your data*, and Cyqur
encrypts it with AES 256
*Seed phrases for your crypto wallets and other passwords
Your data is fragmented and scattered into multiple pieces
Encrypted pieces are stored across multiple cloud providers so data is incomplete and useless if hacked
By adding the proof of record from
blockchain, security process is complete
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head shot of Amrit Kumar one of cyqur founders
Dr. Amrit Kumar
Co-founder of Zilliqa, Chairperson of Binarii Labs
Storage and management of secret-data is key to both Web2 and Web3. Moreover, it is just as critical to retail end users as it is to institutional clients that manage billions in assets. Binarii Labs is building a suite of solutions centred around secret-data storage and management that range from passwords in the Web2 world to private keys in the exponentially growing space of Web3.

Why You Need Cyqur

Our Unmatched
Security System.

Fragmented Encryption:

Cyqur encrypts, break your data into fragments and distributes them across multiple cloud services. This ensures that even if a hacker breaches one cloud, they only access meaningless data fragments.

100% Data

User-Owned Cloud Storages:

With Cyqur, it’s your data your rules. You can choose where to store your encrypted and fragmented data. Use multiple user-owned cloud services or our Integrated Binarii Labs Cloud Solution for added redundancy and peace of mind.

Proof of Records

Blockchain Integration:

By leveraging blockchain technology, Cyqur provides providence, adding an additional layer of security and transparency to your password management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having troubles? Check our frequently asked questions

How do I access Cyqur?

Cyqur can currently be accessed by adding an extension to Chrome or any Chromium based browsers (Brave, Opera, Microsoft Edge)

How does the Sign In process work?

To log in to Cyqur, you will need to use the login and password that you received from After logging in, you will create your Cyqur Encryption Key password. It's important to note that the Cyqur Encryption Key is used for encryption and is completely separate from the Cyqur app login password. The Cyqur encryption key is not retained by the service provider and cannot be restored if lost. Once you have created your Cyqur Encryption Key password, it is recommended to change the login password in the Settings.

How do I add a Seed Phrase?

● First, log in to you Cyqur Account. Once logged in, Click on My Secrets on the left side, and then select the Seed Phrases.
● Alternatively, click on + Add Secret on the right-side field, and then select the Seed Phrases.
● Enter a title for your seed phrase in the Title field, for example, "Meta wallet seed phrase."
● You can add your seed phrase manually or paste it into the provided columns. If entering the seed phrase manually, click on the Manual Entry field, input each word in the first column, and then repeat each word in the second column.
● If you copy and paste your seed phrase, click on the Paste field, paste your seed phrase, and click on the Secure button.
● After entering the seed phrase, click on the Secure button to complete the process.
● You'll receive a confirmation message: "Storage Complete! Your secret has been securely stored!

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