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The team behind Cyqur —


Cyqur is brought to market by Binarii Labs, experts in Web3, especially cybersecurity. Headquartered in Dublin, working with global partners and distributors across the world.

Our single minded mission is to ensure your data stays your data — securely and accessible at all times.

Team photo of Binarii labs infront of Nova UCD buildingAn arrow pointing from the words Our Team to the Team photo of Binarii labs infront of Nova UCD building Cutout letters saying Our Team , floating beside the Team photo of Binarii labs infront of Nova UCD building
A box featuring a black hand with three cubes floating above in the center, and an exclamation mark in the top left corner.

Your Data, Not Theirs,
Your Data, Your Rules.

We use our patent protected proprietary technology, we do not engage 3rd parties, we allow our users decide the location of where their data is stored. We created Cyqur solely to serve our own subscribers no one else.


We all want to control where our data is stored and the reassurance it is safe. We encrypt it, fragment it and then store it across multiple cloud storage locations that you select.

If any breaches do occur on one storage platform, the fragment of your data is meaningless and therefore remains secure. You will even receive an immutable blockchain record as assurance.

Cyqur logo featuring a purple background  with three Cs extending from one another.
Cyqur text logo in white on a dark background
Data Security
A Group of SCGS used to describe the Cyqur product features. The Ethereum symbol, two pyramids touching base to base, with a file icon between them, signifying proof of record when a file is added to the blockchain. A box that splits into smaller boxes, symbolizing the fragmentation of an encrypted file for enhanced security. A file being added to a box. In the bottom right-hand corner, there is a padlock symbolizing a the file being encrypted. Three black clouds with arrows, representing cloud storage. Underneath each cloud, three boxes symbolize fragmented data entering the respective cloud, illustrating distributed storage.


We have assembled a team of the best subject matter experts in their respective fields, we have a proven track record in Web3, Web2, SaaS Solutions, Blockchain and DeFi.

Image of Cyqur Graphic Designer and Motion Designer Dami from Binarii Labs, working at his desk.
Image of Cyqur Frontend Developer Sean from Binarii Labs, working at his desk.
Image of Elida from Binarii Labs Marketing Team, working at her desk.

Binarii Labs is
recognised by

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Selected for European Innovation Fund, Appointed to Open Innovation Factory 2023

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Accepted as High Potential 
Start Up clients in 2022                 

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Members of the Nova UCD University College Dublin Innovation Hub since Jan 2022

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Finalists of KPMG Ireland Global Tech Innovators 2023

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Listed on Top 100 European early stage blockchain business 2023

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Listed on Ireland INC US250 Index 2023                                             

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USA Patent Granted 
in March 2023                               

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UK Patent Grantedin August 2023