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Head shot of Steven Gardner one of Cyqur founders
Steven Garner
CTO and co-founder of Binarii Labs
In a world where digital trust is paramount, Cyqur was forged with a singular purpose: to safeguard your secrets with an impenetrable shield. By sharding data and minimizing exposure to third parties, we've not only redefined security but also eradicated redundancy risks. Your passwords and sensitive information are no longer vulnerable, they are fortified in the fortress of innovation, where protection meets precision.

Our Sandbox of Products for Absolute Data Security

We have even more thrilling features in our sandbox waiting to manifest.

NOTE:  Our VIP member’s feedback and votes would help us shape all future Cyqur product and feature releases.

Secure Sensitive Docs

Securely store and securely share and document whilst you retain sovereign ownership at all times. Avail of a blockchain generated proof of record for further protection and transparency!

Secure Identity Docs

Securely store and control your own precious Personal Identification Information (PII) in your own cloud storage locations but without a breach risk.

Secure Record when Docs. are Shared

Immutable, auditable, Proof of Record of document securing, and securely sharing with proof of provenance per document!

Secure your IP

Protect your creations with a date and time stamp recorded proof of record when secured AND importantly for when you securely share your precious IP with anybody else.

Attestation to verify important information

Enable the provider of any vital information to you to attest to its validity and integrity via an immutable date and time stamped blockchain generated Proof of Record to provide greater peace of mind.

Proof of View

Provide blockchain recorded immutable Proof of Record or request Proof of Record confirmation that a document has been viewed or read.

Secure Secret Sharing

Enable your secret to be shared with Zero Knowledge on our part. We allow you to 100% own and control your data in your own multi cloud environment such that you need not share the data, but can easily share the keys to access that data to a permissioned person.

Digital Profile Successsion

Ensure your digital profile access across any account our profile you own are all highly secure, 100% owned and controlled by you and can be passed to next of kin in the event of incapacitation or death.

Secure Code Repository

Your Data, Your Rules! Own your own code and the key to it. Protect your sensitive code against breach through the automated personal multi structure that ensures if one of your clouds is breached the hacker only gets useless and incomplete encrypted data!