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You control where your passwords and seed phrases
are secured via the Cyqur browser extension.

You control where your passwords
and seed phrases are secured via
the Cyqur browser extension.

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Cyqur’s patent password protection encrypts, fragments and distributes your data wherever you want and records provenance to the blockchain for your unprecedented security.
You input your data*, and Cyqur
encrypts it with AES 256
*Seed phrases for your crypto wallets and other passwords
Your data is fragmented and scattered into multiple pieces
Encrypted pieces are stored across multiple cloud providers so data is incomplete and useless if hacked
By adding the proof of record from
blockchain, security process is complete
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head shot of Amrit Kumar one of cyqur founders
Dr. Amrit Kumar
Co-founder of Zilliqa, Chairperson of Binarii Labs
Storage and management of secret-data is key to both Web2 and Web3. Moreover, it is just as critical to retail end users as it is to institutional clients that manage billions in assets. Binarii Labs is building a suite of solutions centred around secret-data storage and management that range from passwords in the Web2 world to private keys in the exponentially growing space of Web3.


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Subscribers receive:

  • Access to Cyqur via a web browser extension
  • Users can input passwords and seed phrases
    ...that can be securely saved to users chosen cloud locations. 
  • Users will receive Proof of Record
    ...that security process is complete.

Additional VIP benefits:

  • Access to an exclusive VIP Whitelist 
    Sign up today and become a member of an exclusive VIP Whitelist for all future Cyqur roadmap product releases.  
  • Discounted Pre-release Pricing
    Only the first 100K subscribers will receive pre-release discounted price offers on  all new Cyqur product releases.  
  • Invitation to Private Discord Channel with Founders 
    Join the founders and global distributors in our private Discord channel. 


A larger 3D hook representing a pirate hook for stolen and lost crypto in the current marketnumber one in a three part slide to describe the cyqur productA large 3D seive representing how existing password managers protect our secrets like a sievenumber two in a three part slide to describe the cyqur productLarge 3D slab with sample seed phrases engraved to show the lenghts people would go through to secure data to feel safe before using Cyqurnumber three in a three part slide to describe the cyqur product

Crypto market grows every year so is the amount of stolen and lost crypto

Bitcoin investors are likely to lose up to $545 million in 2023, owing to various reasons like forgetting passwords to their wallets or making a mistake in recording their "seed phrases".

Source: Business Insider.

Meanwhile, existing password managers protect our secrets like a sieve

ISE equated using traditional cloud products to saving passwords in a text file and found that in all password managers they examined, trivial secrets extraction was possible from a locked password manager, including the master password in some cases, exposing up to 60 million users.

Source: Independent Security Evaluators.

And we still store our seed phrases and other passwords as if we're in the 19th century

86% of internet users report that memorization is the method they rely on and around half of online adults (49%) say they keep the passwords to at least some of their online accounts written down on a piece of paper.

Source: Pew Research Center.
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